Frequently Asked Questions

  • What clothing should I wear?

    Participants must not wear Heels, flip-flops nor sandals;  sport or hiking shoes work nicely. Wear comfortable clothing. Long hair and jewellery should not be left loose. Always check first the weather forecast or ask us to bring adequate clothing. Fingerless gloves or normal gloves are perfect for the ropes circuits, so if you have a pair at hand bring them!

  • What equipment do you provide us with?

    A harness and when the guides consider it necessary, a helmet for kids

  • Is the transport included?

    It depends on the city where you are doing the booking. Where there is not courtesy transport included, we provide with all the informationabout how to get to the parks, making it very easy for you.

  • Can we make other activities apart from zip-lining?

    There are other options you can combine with or without zip-lining, like go karting, wind tunneling (indoor skydiving), horse riding, rock climbing, hiking… Don’t hesitate in asking us!

  • Are the Adventure Parks certified?

    All parks that we work with are fully certified. They all have the obligatory insurances and run strict maintenance procedures.

  • What happens if we get late to the Park or to the Transport Meeting-Point?

    If you are late, you will not receive a refund or be able to join your tour. Your transport will leave as scheduled whether you are there or not. We do expect you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your reserved tour time.

  • Can we do the activity while rainning?

    The experience can still be fun while it is raining. However, the parks will close for severe weather such as heavy rain, thunderstorms, and high winds.

  • What is the refund policy?

    If you don’t want to zip line in the rain, you may always reschedule for a different day even if we remain open, if thats the case you have to tell us with 48 hours advance to be able to change it to another available date. In the event of severe weather (such as thunder, lightning, or high winds) the parks may close. Although we are unable to offer refunds, in the event of park closures,ticket entrance vouchers will be made available for you to use towards future visits. If participants don’t show up on time, they may not be able to participate nor get any refund.

  • Is a ticket required to watch my friends/family zip line?

    Tickets are only required for guests who are zip lining, you may only pay for the transport if it is needed. Observers are always welcome in the park.

  • Are reservations required?

    We always ask for reservations with 24 hour advance at least. If you want to book for today, there is still a bit of chance you can make it, contact us now!

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