About Us

Zipline.es has born to get people closer to Adventure Parks in Spain.

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Work hard. Play hard.

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Our Guides

Our zipline tour guides all receive extensive training consisting of a multi-day, hands on course training, rescue training and technical book training.  Prior to receiving certification to work on the course, they must pass an on-course practical assessment and rescue assessment

Adventure Team

Our staff members at ZipLine.es are genuine people that love what they do, nature oriented with years of experience in adventure parks and great communicators. Their passion is outdoor sports like climbing, cycling, hikking and of course zip linning and that makes each of them special for this role.

[st_team st_position_social=”-top-left” st_avatar=”5037″ st_name=”Leah Kerr” st_position=”Developer” st_facebook=”http://facebook.com” st_twitter=”http://facebook.com” st_google=”http://google.com”]
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[st_team st_position_social=”-top-left” st_avatar=”5037″ st_name=”Olivia Slater” st_position=”Front End Developer”]

Want to Join Our Team

If you think you have the skills for being an Adventure Park Guide and you are a nature lover like us, maybe you can be part of our team. Send us your CV and we will contact you ASAP!

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